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Trageo Temperature



The Trageo Temperature solution is an advanced and fully certified tool that allows you to monitor the cold chain of your business.

Use the temperature tool in order to monitor in real time the cargo and sensible goods’ temperature and be instantly informed of any anomaly.


  • Real-time
    Monitor your temperature-sensitive cargo and goods (fresh or frozen) in real time.
  • Reports
    Justify the evolution of your cargo’s temperature quickly and quickly identify (graphs and tables)  the anomalies.
  • Alert system
    Receive an alert on the software platform, by email and/or by SMS whenever the temperature level exceeds predefined thresholds.
  • Navigation screen
    Drivers have the possibility to monitor themselves  the cargo’s temperature with the use of the on-board  navigation or LCD screen (optional).
  • Installation
    The cable and wireless connection possibilities of the temperature sensors offer added flexibility levels depending on the type of vehicle (carrier or tractor with trailer).


  • Control
    - Anticipate any temperature deviances and
    - Preserve your cargo and goods in respect of the cold chain.
  • Guarantee
    Guarantee a better customer service and avoid any litigation processes and costs.
  • Certification
    Our digital temperature sensors are certified CEMAFROID.