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Trageo Geolocation



The Trageo Geolocation solution is an effective tool that allows you to track and manage your fleet in real time.

Stay informed  in real time of the position of each of your vehicles, their journey, the distance traveled, the driver’s identity and more through our user-friendly interface.


  • Real-time
    Follow your vehicles, drivers, routes and goods in real time with a data refresh every 30 seconds.
  • Information data
    Obtain and visualize: the driver’s identity, the distance traveled, the current speed, the fuel consumption (optional), social data etc…
  • History
    Visualize the routes on a precise mapping, analyze the effectuated journeys and play them back with the help of the recorder function.
  • Reports
    View, extract and automate activity reports and statistics (in the form of graphs and tables) for selected periods time
  • Alert system
    Set up your own alerts and stay informed of occurring events by email, SMS or directly on the web and smartphone application .


  • Save money

    - Control your fuel costs by avoiding parasites kilometres.- Reduce your communication costs between operator and driver.- Reduce the maintenance costs.

  • Improve your security
    Secure your vehicles and drivers: monitor their speed and their position, know the time and place of delivery, receive an alarm in case of possible theft and more.
  • Save time
    Control the working time of your employees and increase  the productivity of your business by anticipating your fleet’s activity.