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Trageo Social Data download



TRAGEO Social Data Download permits you to recuperate and archive the social data.

Download remotely the content of the driver cards and the mass memory of the chronotachograph (C1B and V1B).


  • Archiving
    Automate the collection and archiving of the social data of your vehicles and drivers in our secure archiving center.
  • Download
    Download remotely the drivers’ data card (C1B files) and those of the mass memory of your tachographes (V1B files) via the GPRS network.
  • Platform
    A user-oriented platform allows you to easily download the necessary files.



  • Regulation
    Stay consistent with the regulations in force for heavy vehicles transport.
  • Compatibility
    Our Social Data Download solution is compatible with all tachograph brands (depending on version).
  • Interfacing
    Connect our social data solution with your CRM / ERP system and combine social data with your billing and payroll system.