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Trageo Eco-attitude


Trageo Eco-attitude is a powerful tool that improves the environmental performance of your fleet.

The innovative eco-attitude module allows you to measure and compare the eco-performance of your fleet. Reduce carburant consumption up to 20% and respect the CO2 charter.


  • Rankings
    Visualize and follow the eco-performance scores and rankings of your fleet according to predefined criteria.
  • Dashboard
    Quickly access the rankings, data, graphs and statistics related to the environmental performance of your fleet with the use of our dashboard.
  • Real-time
    Visualize the eco-performance of your drivers and vehicles in real-time.
  • History
    Follow the evolution of fleet’s performance and create your reports according to selected time periods.

  • Eco-performance
    - Evaluate and improve the eco-performance of your fleet and
    - Significantly reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Economy
    Reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption up to 20%, minimize the maintenance costs and increase your vehicles’ life.
  • Go green
    Give your customers the satisfaction of working with an eco-responsible partner.