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Trageo TRUCK

Specially designed for heavy vehicles, Trageo TRUCK is a powerful and efficient fleet management solution.

While staying in accordance with the legal requirements related to tachographs, follow the position of your trucks and their consumption. Control the temperature of the cargo, improve the environmental performance of your fleet and optimize the route schedules with the use of an onboard computer system.



tachygrapheSocial data

Trageo TRUCK allows you to manage man-hours and overtime, to download and automatically archive tachograph data in distance all while remaining in compliance with the law.



Id_conducteurDriver ID

Ensure accurate  data collection and monitor the working time of your drivers with our driver ID system.



gestionManagement systems

Integrate the Trageo TRUCK solution to your company’s CRM/ERP/TMS management systems and benefit from added functionalities.




Improve the fleet’s environmental performance and reduce costs with the use of our innovative eco-attitude tool.




Monitor and control the temperature of your cargo and goods with the temperature monitoring option.



PNDNavigation screen

The on-board screen option allows drivers to navigate on an updated and accurate mapping, to receive and update missions, to exchange messages, receive of alerts and more.



Optimisation_de_missionRoute Optimisation

Plan your routes and identify the ones best suited for your deliveries.




Follow your vehicles in real time and increase the availability of your park while monitoring at the same time the speed, consumption, distance traveled, breakpoints and more.




View and extract in the form of graphics and statistics a large amount of information with the use of our reporting tool.




Establish your own alerts and stay informed about occurring events in order to avoid any deviances in your fleet’s activity.




Search, analyze and extract for a given period of time a multitude of data concerning your vehicles, drivers, routes, points of interest, carburant consumption, cargo temperature, etc.




Our application is a complete professional platform for fleet management that gives you access to all the information from a computer, a tablet and/or smartphone.



transpondeursThe standards

Trageo TRUCK offers the basic functions of vehicle immobilizer,  privacy button and alert button.