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Lower associated costs


Lower labor costs

Efficient management of your fleet means that drivers can complete more jobs during the day all while minimising expensive overtime hours.

Fleet management also means that managers can have a total control over the actual hours worked and eliminate any false claims. Furthermore, by linking the CRM/ERP solution to Trageo, billing and payments procedures are made alot easier.



Lower communication costs

With the mission management tool and our on-board screen option NavPro, managers can easily communicate with the drivers and at the same time bring communication costs significantly lower.

No more phone calls trying to locate the drivers and giving them directions over the phone. Missions can be sent and received in just one click, easily and hassle-free.



Lower operational costs

By choosing a Trageo fleet management solution you can significantly decrease your operational costs.

Decreased mileage, lower carburant consumption and a fleet size adapted to the actual needs means that companies will greatly decrease their operational costs and that includes lower maintenance and labor costs.