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Increased productivity


Increased productivity

Choosing a Trageo solution provides many benefits. Increased productivity of the fleet and the company’s daily activities is one of them. Vehicles operate only when necessary and with a responsible driving attitude.

Delivery times are better respected and more delivery points are served every day. Costs decrease and security is enhanced. Our solutions give companies a powerful tool to greatly increase their productivity.



Reduced fleet usage

With a fleet management solution like Trageo, your vehicles will operate only when necessary.

The closest vehicle to the delivery point will be easily chosen as well as the best route to get there. It will also keep your maintenance, fuel and labor costs down and of course, it will increase the life of your fleet.




Reduced mileage

By choosing the best routes for your deliveries and by controlling which routes are taken and when, you can greatly reduce mileage of your vehicles.

Reduced mileage will save time and money spent on fuel, maintenance, tolls, insurance and can also minimise the risks of infractions or accidents.