Your partner in geolocation


Trageo by Matiasat is commited in delivering the highest quality products and solutions that use the latest technological advancements. For this reason, it heavily invests in a strong R&D department comprised of a team of doctors and teams of qualified software and hardware engineers.

Two research centers (Troyes and Bordeaux) and two teams of software programmers and technicians (Paris and Montpellier), ensure a continuous improvement of Trage’s products and solutions and a on-going effort to offer new and innovative solutions.

Trageo by Matiasat and it’s parent company, Matiasat System, have acquired expertise in the following fields:

- Machine to Machine
- Telemetry
- Information Systems
- Artificial Intelligence
- Decisional interfaces
- Telecommunication networks: Satellite, GPS, GSM, LTE, WIMAX, TETRA

Trageo by Matiasat has been a pioneer in geolocation since its creation and it’s vision is to continue to be a leader in innovative geolocation solutions.