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Trageo by Matiasat is the result of the fusion of activities of Trageo -and its mother company Oktalogic- with those of Matiasat System in late 2012.

Trageo was the brand name of Oktalogic, a Montpellier company founded in 2004. The main activity of Oktalogic was geolocation solutions for the transport sector with a specialisation in heavy vehicles (over 3,5 tons).

Oktabox was the first commercialised geolocation equipment box by Oktalogic and Trageo Pro and Trageo Web are the solutions’ software interfaces.

Since the acquisition of Oktalogic by Matiasat System in late 2012, all the geolocation solutions now carry the brand name Trageo by Matisat. Being part of a large group, Trageo by Matisat offers solutions for all types of vehicles and company sizes.

The new solutions, Trageo ONE, ADVANCED and TRUCK, together with the various options such as Eco-attitude, NavPro, Temperature, Social Data and more, reflect this new direction for a complete and up to date offering that answers to the needs of the most demanding customers.

Trageo by Matisat has a vision to offer innovative products and solution through rigorous new product development. For this reason it places a strong emphasis research and internal development so as to offer the latest technological advancements in geolocation and highest quality for its solutions.